CLAWAR 2012- Best Paper Awards  

Industrial Robot Innovation Award- Sponsored by Industrial Robot Journal (Emerald Publishing Company)

The award is intended to robotics research that is considered to be of practical use and that includes a substantial degree of innovation.  Only work that has been tested in the real world is considered for the award.
Winning paper:
D.R.O.P. The durable reconnaissance and observation platform
Clifford McKenzie (North Carolina State University, USA)
Aaron Parness (California Institute of Technology, USA)

Highly Commended papers:
Precise self-localization of a walking robot on rough terrain using PTAM
Dominik Belter and Piotr Skrzypczynski
(Poznan University of Technology, Poland)
Systematic, bottom-up robot design using a biomechanical experimental methodology
Jorgen Larsen, Kasper Stoy, David Brandt, Sten Grimmer and Martin Gross
(University of Southern Denmark, Denmark and Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany)
Taking advantage of the joint synergy for the actuation in a lower-limb active orthosis
D. Sanz-Merodio, M. Cestari, J. C. Arevalo and E.Garcia
(Center for Automation and Robotics, Spain)
Snake-like, tracked, mobile robot with active flippers for urban search and tasks
Marc Neumann, Thomas Predki, Leif Heckes, Patrick Labenda
(Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)

Best Paper Award, Category wise- Sponsored by the Organizing Committee

The award is made in two categories- Bio-Inspired Robotics and Best Student paper.
Winning paper (Bio-Inspired Robotics):
Design and control of Ranger: An energy-efficient, dynamic walking robot
P. A. Bhounsule, J. Cortell and A. Ruina
(Cornell University, USA)

Runners-Up papers (Bio-Inspired Robotics):
A quadruped robot with on-boarding sensing and parameterized gait for stair climbing
T. Brewer, K. N. Kaipa and S. K. Gupta
(University of Maryland, USA)
Geometric mechanics for sand-swimming
R. L. Hatton, Y. Ding, D. I. Goldman and H. Choset
(Carnegie Mellon University and Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Winning paper (Best Student paper):
StarlETH: A compliant quadrupedal robot for Fast, efficient, and versatile locomotion
M. Hutter, C. Gehring, M. Bloesch, M. A. Hoepflinger, C. D. Remy and R. Siegwart
(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland)

Runners-Up papers (Best Student paper):
Tail assisted dynamic self righting
A . M. Johnson, T. Libby, E. Chang-Siu, M. Tomizuka, R. J. Full and D. E. Koditschek
(University of Pennsylvania and University of California Berkeley, USA)
Coordinates matter: Virtual chassis and minimum perturbation coordinate representations
D. Rollinson, R. Hatton and H. Choset
(Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Best Technical paper award- Sponsored by the CLAWAR Association

This award is given by the CLAWAR Association on merits of technical innovation.
Winning paper:
The design of ATRIAS 1.0, a unique monopod, hopping robot
Jesse A. Grimes and Jonathan W. Hurst
(Oregon State University, USA)

Runners-Up papers:
Tracking control system for walking assist using intention estimation
K. Matsuo, Y. Ochi, W. Aribowo, R. Tasaki, and K. Terashima
(Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
Benefits and downwards of MRF knee damping in legged robots
G Muñoz M Cestari J C Arevalo D Sanz-Merodio E. Garcia
(Centre for Automation and Robotics, UPM-CSIC, Spain)

Highly Commended papers:
Impedance control for a bioinspired underactuated leg
J. C. Arevalo, M. Cestari, D. Sanz-Merodio and E. Garcia
(Centre for Automation and Robotics, UPM CSIC, Spain)
Smooth walk of a skid-steering vehicle consisting of feet jointed to each wheel rim
T. Okada, S. Tezuka and H. Wada
(Niigata University, Japan)
A dynamic model of running with a half-circular compliant leg
M. M. Ankarali, E. Sayginer, Y. Yazicioglu, A. Saranli and U. Saranli
(Johns Hopkins University, USA, and Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
Development of a peristaltic crawling robot with bellows-type artificial rubber muscles for sewer pipe inspection
T. Yanagida, T. Nakamura, M. Yokojima and K. Adachi
(Chuo University, Japan)
Improved efficiency in legged running using lightweight passive compliant feet
M. Hutter, C. Holenstein, D. Fenner, C. D. Remy, M. A. Hoepflinger and R. Siegwart
(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland)
Environment-dependent selection of Locomotin patterns with KAIRO-II
L. Pfotzer, S. Bohn, G. Heppner, A. Rönnau, R. Dillmann
(Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany)