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Climbing and Walking Robot- CLAWAR 2012

Along with CLAWAR Association the conference is a joint effort between a number of US universities and a US government organization:

Mobile robotics is a relatively small but fast growing subset of Robotics field. The vision of CLAWAR Association is to facilitate Education & Training and promotion of state of the art Research and Development in the area of mobile robotics with associated applications, for the benefit of the global Robotics Community and Society.  The CLAWAR Association is organizing annual conferences since 1998, mostly in Europe and Southeast Asian countries.  This conference will be the first CLAWAR event in USA.

US is one of the major contributors for the advancement of Mobile Robotics (public, private, homeland security, and defense sectors).  There are a number of world leading universities and companies who have strong research and development activities in this field.  Organizing a CLAWAR conference at Johns Hopkins University will provide a platform for this community in US while advance the mission of the association.