Test Preparation

On-Campus GMAT Review Schedule 

Review Segments

Reading Comprehension
This section of the test measures your ability to understand what you read. The GMAT Review instructor will guide you with certain tachniques to enhance your knowledge and insight.

Critical Reasoning
This review of logical reasoning will help you identify conclusions, dicover hidden assumptions, and critically evaluate the strengths or weaknesses of an argument.

Mathematical Skills
This section tests your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, weighted averages, proportions, factoring polynomials, and more. The instructor will teach you strategies so you can apply these concepts to the word problems you will see on the test.

Sentence Structure
It has probably been a long time since you last studied grammar, but this review helps you avoid the grammatical and verbal traps that will be on this section of the test.



Sandra Polanco, Esq. Northern Illinois University
Associate Director of Compliance and Investigations

Materials include Computer Adaptive CD-ROM* (tutorial; diagnostic test; adaptive logic, analytical, and grammar skill builders; practice tests). Fee includes comprehensive workbook, several actual previous exams and a practice CD ROM.

$545 ($495 if registered one week before the first class)
$445 for NIU Students, Alumni, and Employees ($395 if registered one week before the first class)
Registrations cannot be confirmed without payment

* Book and CD will be distributed during first class session.