Lifelong Learning

Instructional Support Information

Study Group Sessions:
Study groups are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings and afternoons. If your study group will not be meeting, please advise LA&S External Programming (753-5200) at least two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the term so that the LLI will not be charged for the rental.

Room Set-up:
The smallest rooms seat 10 participants comfortably around an oval table. The larger rooms are set up for 30 to 40 participants. The tables are arranged in a hollow square or u-shape fashion with chairs around the outside and a head table with a chair. If you need a room arranged in a different manner, such as chairs in rows, please advise LA&S External Programming.

Photocopying Needs:
Photocopying is limited to 20 pages per class member for the entire term. If more than 20 pages is anticipated, please bring all the originals for the term (photo-ready) to LA&S External Programming so they may be sent for binding in booklet form two (2) weeks prior to the first class meeting. The booklet will be made available to the class members for a small fee.

Audio/Visual Needs:
Please be as prudent with AV requests as possible. Submit your request at least two (2) weeks prior to the term. If you find that you will not be using the equipment after ordering it, please call LA&S External Programming 24 hours prior to the session so LLI will not be charged for the rental. The following is a list of available equipment.

Lap Top Computer (Half Day)
DVD Player
TV/VCR Combo
Large Screen Projector for VCR, DVD, Computer, ELMO, etc.
Opaque Overhead Projector
ELMO Overhead Projector
Carousel Slide Projector
Extra Portable Projection Screen
CD Player
Cassette Player/Recorder