New Ideas in Teaching:  Culturally Responsive Teaching

March 9, 2018


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Learn the importance and practice of a pedagogy that recognizes the significance of including students’ cultural references in all aspects of learning.

Presenter: Darius Jackson, a doctoral student in education Instruction at Northern Illinois University, was born and raised in Harvey, Illinois, where he has overcome multiple life setbacks and struggles. Darius comes from a diverse low-income culture that shapes his identity and allows him to have a unique personality within the classroom.

Darius has earned both his bachelors and Masters from Northern Illinois University. His B.A. is in English with a certificate of study in Foundations of education. His Master’s degree is in Foundations of education with a Certificate of study in College teaching. Currently, Darius is finishing up his Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with a certificate of Foundations of Education and Policy Studies, also from Northern Illinois University.

With diverse teaching experiences, Darius has taught intermediate piano lessons to elementary school students, taught reading and foundations of education courses at the university level and has even spent some time working with after-school male mentoring programs at the High School level.

Darius has a strong interest in social justice and cultural awareness and he has already created a self-guided course on Culturally Responsive Teaching. He is currently working on the second version of that course and presenting the material at several talks. In addition to Darius' academic studies, he is also finishing up his first poetry book filled with original personal stories and life experiences.