Archaeology Day Camp

Campers entering grades 6-8
 July 13-17, 2015

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Early bird registration ends June 19, 2015!

Unleash your inner Indiana Jones and explore the secrets of the past. By learning what clues humans leave in the archaeological record and how scientists study and interpret those clues, campers will be trained to reconstruct the past. Activities include artifact identification, archaeological drawing, excavation, and mapping as well as museum procedures such as object handling and cataloging. Campers will work with real archaeological materials, such as projectile points and pottery. Each day will include both classroom instruction and hands-on activities. At the end of the week, campers will have gained an appreciation for the value of scientific inquiry and the importance of context in recovering the material record and reconstructing the human past. A recognition ceremony will be held at the end of the last day, when campers will be presented with official tools of the archaeologist.

Archaeology Day Camp Director:
Kerry Sagebiel
, Ph.D., instructor in the Department of Anthropology at NIU and conducts research through the Ka'Kabish Archaeological Research Project in Belize, Central America. She became inspired to become an archaeologist at a young age when she explored a 150 year-old pottery factory on her grandfather's farm in Texas. Sagebiel loves archaeology because it takes a blend of creativity, imagination, scientific understanding to do it well and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge of and passion for archaeology with campers.

Summer Day Camp Fees:  Day campers $225 ($250 after June 19, 2015); NIU employees are eligible for an additional $25 discount on request.

For more information contact College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming: call 815-753-5200 or e-mail