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Course Drops and Withdrawals

Dropping a course

Dropping a course from your schedule can only occur during the first two weeks of a semester (fall and spring).  During week one you can log on to MyNIU and drop the course yourself. During week 2 you will need to come in to our office, Zulauf 201, and we will drop the course for you.

If you are enrolled in a course and have never attended, you may come into our office and request a withdrawal.  Dropping a course after the first two weeks of a semester cannot happen, even with confirmation of non-attendance.  Please print your schedule during the first week and make sure you know your enrollments.

Withdrawing from a course

If you need to withdraw from a course, you will need to make and keep an appointment with your major college office.  For full session courses in a fall or spring semester, you have 8 weeks to come in and withdraw without grade jeopardy.  After the deadline, you will need to contact your major college office and follow their instructions.

Withdrawing from all courses

If you need to withdraw from all of your courses in a given semester, please contact your major college office and review the information and the following link to university withdrawal policies.


Both individual course and university withdrawal policies are explained in the online catalog

If your major is in the College of Liberal Arts and sciences and you want to withdrawal from a class or all of your classes for a semester, please contact our office.