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Educator Licensure Contacts

Listed below are the names of the discipline coordinators for teacher licensure within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

Please Note: Because this information changes on a periodic basis, it is always appropriate to contact the office telephone number listed for the department if one is having difficulty contacting the individual named as advising contact.

Discipline  Contact  Phone
Coordinator of Teacher Licensure 
RH 229
Susan Callahan 753-6610
Coordinator of Secondary Science Education Licensure (all areas with * below) Judy Boisen 753-6819
Biological Sciences* 
MO 334
Jon Miller, Coordinator 753-7828
Chemistry and Biochemistry* 
FR 323
Judy Boisen 753-6819
RH 214
Judith Pokorny 753-6609
Foreign Languages
Karen Lichtman 753-6443
Geology and Environmental Geosciences*
   General Science or
   Physical Science  
   FR 323
Judy Boisen 753-6819
History & Social Sciences (Pre-Acceptance & Interested)
ZH 602
Frank Bell  753-6655
History & Social Science (Once Accepted)
ZH 626
Judy Stafstrom 753-0325
Mathematical Sciences 
WH 352
Bonnie Kersten 753-0566
FR 323
Judy Boisen 753-6819