Alumni Honorees

Bharath R. SriramanBharath R. Sriraman

M.S. Mathematical Sciences, 1999
Ph.D. Mathematical Sciences, 2002


Dr. Bharath Sriraman's scholarship and research interests demonstrate an evolving expertise in international mathematics education, interdisciplinary initiatives involving mathematics and its connections to the arts and sciences, as well as talent development and innovation. In these fields, he is known internationally and nationally for his significant contributions to scholarship as evidenced in numerous editorships and editorial appointments to prestigious journals and book series in mathematics education, gifted education, philosophy of science and educational philosophy. Most recently he was made Series Editor of several book series by Information Age Publishing and Springer Science. He is also the founding editor of The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast.

Sriraman was recently elevated to the rank of Full Professor of Mathematics at The University of Montana in record time and was simultaneously featured as one of 10 outstanding faculty members in the year-end President's Report.

In the seven years since obtaining his Ph.D., he has authored over 200 articles, book chapters, edited works and has delivered over 100 lectures in 23 different countries, many by invitation, as colloquium or keynote speaker. His parallel interests in Central Asian studies and Indo-Iranian languages have garnered him an honorary appointment in that department. He has played a key role in developing Ph.D. programs in mathematics education in Cyprus, Iran and Turkey, and has held over a dozen visiting professorships in Germany, Australia, Canada and the Nordic world. His work has been recognized through awards from the National Association of Gifted Children and The School Science and Mathematics Association.