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Student Success

Staff Members

Staff members are on the front line of retention. Whether they are administrative assistants, lab managers, IT technicians, academic advisors/tutors, or are facilities workers, they often make a lasting impression on students.

Students interact with numerous offices and administrative units, on a daily basis while pursuing a degree. The nature and quality of those interactions can have as much of an impact on their experience as interaction in a classroom.

  • Making eye contact and saying ‘hi’ or asking how their day is going goes a long way. If they have come to you for assistance ask ‘is there anything else I can help you with?’ after addressing their initial need.
  • If  you see a student who appears to be having difficulties of any sort, help them:  help them yourself if you’re confident of how to do so; connect them to the campus resources and offices that can provide assistance;
  • If someone from that campus network reaches out to you to ask you to assist with a student, respond to that outreach and assist with that student

Never underestimate your contribution to a student's life; these interactions can make the difference between a student graduating or leaving.


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