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Burma Studies graduate speaks to Al Jazeera

"Aftabizadeh, who graduated this May from the master’s program at the Center for Burma Studies, appeared on an online news program called “The Stream...”
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CLAS Distinguished Alumnus Barry Rozner Congratulated in Daily Herald

"Barry Rozner always knew he wanted to go into journalism. But when he started at Northern Illinois University, he was convinced he wouldn’t be able to survive in the newspaper industry...."
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NIU CLAS Students Compete for Summer Dream Wedding

Lauren Armendariz and Andrew Hansen, both CLAS students, are in the running for a wedding at the luxurious Hotel 71 Penthouse Ballroom. Show support for your fellow Huskies and vote!
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Alum Jenn Weidman appears on several episodes of popular Thai television program

The program is in Thai, but Jenn Weidman appers in several episodes of the program called "I Love Thailand." View the videos here.

AARP Names Alumnus Paul Sereno one of the Sexiest Men Over 50

"Chicago-based paleontologist Sereno has discovered more than two dozen new species of dinosaurs, plus SuperCroc, history's largest crocodile..."
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Ethical Guidelines When Using Social Media An Interview with Northern Illinois University’s Dr. David Gunkel

"Northern Illinois University’s Dr. David Gunkel is an award winning new media educator and author of three books on information and communication technology..."
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London TV channel dips a toe into Iran culture war

"'It's a window into a culture we could have if we were freely part of the global popular culture,' said Mehdi Semati, an expert on Iranian media and culture at Northern Illinois University..."
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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Beaches 'host infectious diseases'

"...The study, which was published in Environmental Science & Technology - the journal for the American Chemical Society - was undertaken by experts at Northern Illinois University and the University of Miami (UM)..."
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Don't assume the sand is safe

"...Now, environmental scientists at the University of Miami (UM) and at Northern Illinois University have created a reference guide for potentially harmful germs in sand..."
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College students face hunger, poverty in economic climate

"...Amy Levin, a professor at Northern Illinois University, said she also sees many of her students turning up to class too hungry to concentrate and too tired to focus..."
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First-Ever Study Confirms Dispatcher Stress Disorders

"...The study was performed in 2010-2011 by Heather Pierce and Michell Lilly of the Dept. of Psychology at N. Illinois University (NIU), who recruited 171 active dispatchers from 24 different states..."
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Communication Department alumnus and WIU professor studying Facebook's "dark side":

"...[Christopher] Carpenter is getting worlwide news coverage for his study of the "dark side," but on the timely subject of Facebook."
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Panel discussion focuses on home rule

"...Panelists were James Banovetz, emeritus professor and director of Northern Illinois University's graduate program in public administration..."
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Laura Vasquez's documentary "On the Edge" received the John Michaels Memorial Film Award at Big Muddy Film Festival.

According to the festival's website, the John Michaels Memorial Award winner is selected each year by a jury of Southern Illinois community members who choose a documentary film that intelligently and urgently depicts human rights, peace and justice topics, or environmental issues.

NIU Professor wins prestigious award to help green technologies

"The National Science Foundation puts its money on Northern Illinois University to forward a green technology. Dr. Tao Xu hopes his tiny idea leads to some big power production."
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Mathematics Alumnus named VP at CBOE, the largest U.S. options exchange

"Thomas Knorring was named Vice President, Market Data Sales. [...] He received his M.B.A. from Northwestern University and is a graduate of Northern Illinois University."

The world's biggest cities: How do you measure them?

...One of them, Richard Greene, associate professor of geography at Northern Illinois University in the United States, says even the most authoritative list, from the UN, "compares apples with pears"...
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Wolves' senses tapped to keep them clear of cattle

...The work done with the Mexican wolves is based on decades of research conducted by Lowell Nicolaus, a retired biology professor from Northern Illinois University...
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