Distinguished Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Awards

2011 Honorees


Howard T. Brady

Master of Science
Geology (1977) 

Richard L. Escalante

Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts
Political Science and Public Admnistration (1974, 1978) 

Kelli Lyon Johnson

Master of Arts and Ph.D.
Foreign Languages and Literatures and English (1996, 2003)  

Gail A. Krmenec

Master of Science
Geography (1986) 

William E. Mickols 

Bachelor of Science, Master of Science
Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Biochemistry 

Wendy Sue Parker

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts
Geography, Philosophy (1997) 


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Gary D. Glenn

Professor Emeritus
Department of Political Science 

James D. Norris

Professor Emeritus, Dean
Department of History 

Barbara M. Posadas

Department of History 


Patricia K. Boesche

Business Manager (1996-2009)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Ellen E. Franklin

Assistant to the Director of First-Year Composition
Department of English