Patricia K. Boesche

B.S. Accountancy, 1990
M.A.S., 1992; M.P.A., 1994
Business Manager, 1996 – 2009

Patricia K. Boesche

Ms. Patricia Boesche made lasting contributions as business manager for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences from 1996 to 2009. Her knowledge of the university accounting system and her oversight of resources helped steer the College through more than a decade of austere budgets. Dr. Harvey Smith, assistant department chair in History, recalls “…that from her position behind the scenes she was an instrumental and extremely effective advocate who…played a vital role in the mission of the college.” 

College chairs and directors worked closely with Ms. Boesche as she assisted each with administrative, budgetary, and personnel tasks. Her experience and education was invaluable; her judgment was sound, and her knowledge of university budget procedures was indispensible in marshaling college resources. Her attention to detail and guidance brought energy, invention, and positive support to co-workers throughout the College. 

She has been called “the creative force” in helping faculty and staff with the daily business of the university’s largest and most diverse college. When faculty and chairs had particular needs to support research or service—sabbatical funding or grants, student funding for research projects, or funding for temporary or replacement faculty and staff—Ms. Boesche provided expert counsel and assistance. She worked with over 130 budgets, approximately 20 unit heads, more than 75 principal investigators, and most of the secretaries and operating staff in the College. Whether helping small units or large departments with complex budgets, her customer service approach was always evident. She routinely solved budget problems and, when necessary, delivered bad news with sympathy and clarity. Her service as a member of the Dean’s staff guaranteed sound budgetary information and vision in its policy decisions. 

Ms. Boesche was active on campus in other ways, too. She assisted the PeopleSoft development group, ultimately becoming its chair. She provided assistance and mentoring for secretaries in the College. She initiated an annual secretaries’ breakfast to recognize these important staff members. She played a major role in revitalizing the College’s homecoming reception activities, to the praise of faculty, alumni, and university development alike. 

In 2006, on the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary, the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, in conjunction with the Office of the President, the Women's Resource Center, and the Women's Studies Program celebrated outstanding women's achievements and contributions on campus. They designated Pat Boesche one of NIU's twenty-five “Amazing Women” in recognition of her strong contributions to the economic welfare of the College.