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Sue Warrick Doederlein

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Sue Warrick DoederleinDr. Sue Warrick Doederlein has earned recognition and praise from faculty, staff, and students at NIU. As one grateful alumnus recently said, “It’s a refreshing change to encounter an individual whose personal and professional life has exuded selfless commitment and integrity for over four decades.” The respect in which she is held by colleagues is captured in the words of a co-worker, “few if any, have taught me as much as Dean Doederlein.”

Dr. Doederlein’s professional life has been spent teaching, serving, and guiding students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. After earning her Ph.D. from Northwestern University, she began her career at NIU in 1969 in the English Department, where she was a central member of departmental governance committees, a major figure in student advising, and an exemplary winner of the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award.

First as Advising Dean, and currently as Associate Dean of the college, Dr. Doederlein’s contributions are varied: curriculum and program development, academic advising, alumni relations, staff training, orientation, and commencement. Her efforts reflect an unwavering commitment to just, caring, and professional treatment for our diverse students from their matriculation to their graduation.

Responding to undergraduates questioning the practical application and value of a liberal arts education, she created ILAS 101, a class designed to address the value of collegiate experience. Dr. Doederlein’s answer to transfer students’ concerns about timely completion of baccalaureate degrees was the “2 + 2” brochures for every major outlining the curriculum students should take in a community college prior to transferring to NIU. As both a memory and a conscience of academic policies and programs, she has, in the words of one colleague, been “a keeper of the flame” of the college curriculum, its goals, and its values.

Recognition of Dr. Doederlein’s contributions include: a 1998 Educational Services and Programs Award for Supporting the Education and Growth of Our (CHANCE) Students; one of the inaugural recipients of the Kemet Award to recognize outstanding NIU African American alumni and the dedicated NIU faculty and staff members who have helped so many black students become alumni; and the 2003 Wilma D. Stricklin Award for Enhancing the Campus Climate for Women.