Distinguished Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Awards


2017 Honorees


Ty Ballou, B.A. Communication, 1978

Sheila Quirk-Bailey, M.A., Communication, 1987

Howard and the White Boys 
Howard McCullum, B.A., Sociology, 1988
Steven Asma, B.A., Philosophy, 1988
Jim Christopulos, B.A. and M.A., Communication Studies, 1989 and 1991

Karyne Jones, M.P.A, Public Administration, 1981

Sedara Kim, M.A. Anthropology, 2001

Camilla Vasquez, M.A. English, 2000


William (Bil) Johnson, English

Carles Larson, Communication

W. Bruce Lincoln, History


April Davis, Political Science

Gregory Ross, Foreign Languages and Literatures

2016 Honorees


Peter Gross, B.S. Journalism, 1971

Robert (Bob) Kornecki, B.S., Journalism, 1972

Marilyn Frank-Stromborg, B.S. Biology, 1964, Ed.D. Educational Psychology, 1974; JD, 1994

Harlan Teller, B.A., English, 1973

Andrew L. Traver, B.A. Sociology 1985

Michael L. Vazquez, B.S. Chemistry 1980


Albert Walker, Journalism

Judy Ledgerwood, Anthropology and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies


Julie Crouch, the Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault

C. Eric Hoffman, English

Kendra Johnson Plesa, Communication

2015 Honorees


Rita Hoey Dragonette, English, 1972

Matthew Konfirst, Geology, 2006, 2009, 2011; German, 2010

John Landgraf, Biological Sciences, 1974, 1975

Thomas M. McCann, English, 1973

James H. Norris, Public Administration, 1983

Jenn Weidman, Liberal Arts, 1999; Anthropology 2005


Larry Arnhart, Political Science

Narayan Hosmane, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Carla Montgomery, Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Lynne Waldeland, English


Nancy Finn, Software Specialist, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Network Support

2014 Honorees


John R. Butler, Political Science, 1992; Communication Studies, 1994

John P. Heybach, Psychology, 1972, 1974, 1976

Robin L. Kelly, Political Science, 2004

Joanna E. Lambert, Anthropology and Biology, 1989; Anthropology, 1993

Glenn G. Sparks, Speech Communication, 1976


Donald Grubb, Journalism

Anthony Scaperlanda, Economics

Mary Suzanne Schriber, English

Fred Smith, Anthropology

Lucien Stryk, English


Janice K. Vander Meer, English 

2013 Honorees


John A. Cline, Political Science, 1981

Todd F. Davis, English, 1991, 1995

Srisompob Jitpiromsri, Political Science, 1997

Arthur Jongsma, Psychology, 1969, 1972

Thomas J. Schall, Biology, 1983

Ging P. Smith, Journalism, 1973


W. Elwood Briles, Biological Studies

Sanford J. Dean, Psychology

James E. Erman, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lois Self, Department of Communication; Women's Studies


Andy Small, Chemistry and Biochemistry

2012 Honorees


Rita Reagan Athas, Political Science, 1978

Howard M. Blietz, Computer Science, 1980

John J. Brandon, Political Science, 1985

Barry Rozner, Journalism, 1984

Anne Barrett Swanson, Chemistry, 1970

Mary J. Wirth, Chemistry, 1974


Richard L. Johannesen, Communication

Wallace R. McAllister, Psychology

Clark D. Neher, Political Science

Robert T. Self, English


June M. Kubasiak, Public Administration

2011 Honorees


Howard T. Brady, Geology, 1977

Richard L. Escalante, Political Science and Public Admnistration, 1974, 1978

Kelli Lyon Johnson, Foreign Languages and Literatures and English, 1996, 2003  

Gail A. Krmenec, Geography, 1986

William E. Mickols, Chemistry, and Biochemistry 

Wendy Sue Parker, Geography, Philosophy, 1997


Gary D. Glenn, Political Science 

James D. Norris, History 

Barbara M. Posadas, History 


Patricia K. Boesche, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Ellen E. Franklin, English 

2010 Honorees


David R. Beam, Political Science, 1967, 1976

Leslie C. Morey, Psychology, 1977

John P. Sall, Economics, 1973

Larry D. Schroeder, Economics, 1967

Paul C. Sereno, Biological Sciences, 1979


Sue Warrick Doederlein, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Joseph E. Grush, Psychology

Joel S. MilnerPsychology

M. Ladd Thomas, Political Science 

Alfred F. Young, History 


Ann K. Wright-Parsons, Anthropology, 1993

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