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Why Get An Internship?


Out of all Humanities students who did an internship in the Summer and Fall of 2012...*

     98% found their internship to be relevant to their major.

     88% described their internship experience as "outstanding" or "very good".

     97% would recommend their internship experience to a friend. 


Find out what you can do with your degree.

Graduating can lead to a lot of stress.  What to do?!  WHAT TO DO?!  With an internship, you can get a sneak peak at your possibilities.

Get Academic Credit  

Staring out the window during class? Get out of the classroom and into the world while still earning credit.

Get experience.

Don’t find yourself trembling with fear the first day on the job after graduation.  Get experience, grow confidence.

Build a strong resume.

As a college student, your resume probably looks, well,          .  (BLANK)  Fill in the space!

Become competitive for today’s jobs.

Students with internships under their belt are not only more likely to get a job, but they start out making more $$MONEY$$ too.

Build your network.

In the real world, WHO you know is often just as important as WHAT you know. Get a head start on getting to know the WHOs.




*Based on required Student Site Evaluation Reports