How to get an Internship

Build a Resume

Draft a Cover Letter

Find an Internship


Find an Internship

Internship Database - These employers all have some relationship with NIU and feel comfortable hiring NIU students for their internships.

In addition, students are encouraged to meet with and speak to Catherine Doederlein about the type of internship they would like to pursue.  Speaking with Ms. Doederlein gives students the chance to find an intership that suits their are of expertise, needs and interests. 

Search Engines

Huskies Get Hired

A job/internship search tool created by our very own Career Services.  Search for employers who specifically want NIU students on their team. (


Basic Job/Internship Search Engines

Non-Profit Job/Internship Search Engines

Making Contact

Usually whatever company or organization you are applying to will have instructions on how to make contact.  They may ask you to email a resumé and cover letter, submit them online, etc.

If there isn't a clear path to contact or if the company or organization you're interested in doesn't explicitly offer an internship, you may want to send them a short email detailing why you are interested, what you can bring to the company, and why the company is right for you.  If the company or organization doesn't explicitly offer an internship, ask them if they would consider developing a position for you and explain why you think you could be a benefit.  Perhaps even suggest duties which you would be qualified and happy to perform.