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Seminar Series

Fall 2017 Schedule

Graduate Colloquium Schedule Version 11

The following colloquia, unless otherwise noted, are scheduled for 4:00pm in La Tourette Hall Room 201, with coffee preceding at 3:30pm in LaT 300. For questions, please contact the appropriate host.

Expect revisions to this schedule as more information becomes available. Please send updates to our coordinator, Dr. Tao Xu.

Date Speaker and Title Host(s)
September 11
Prof. Chulsung Bae
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Rensselaer Polytechnic University
Use of Engineered Polymers in Fuel Cell Designs
Prof. Douglas A. Klumpp
September 25
Prof. Benjamin Bythell
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Missouri–St. Louis
The Chemistry of Useful Destruction
Allison Fabino Carr,
Prof. Victor Ryzhov
October 2
Prof. Scott Hartley
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Miami University (Recruitment Seminar)
Folding and Assembly of Ortho‐Phenylenes
Prof. Lee Sunderlin,
Prof. Tao Xu
October 16
Dr. Philip McKittrick, RD&E Safety and Chemical Hygiene Manager
Ecolab Inc., Naperville, IL
An Industrial Perspective: Safety Culture in Ecolab RD&E
Andrew Feliciano,
Katarzyna Hoerchler,
Travis Mackoy,
Sami Varjosaari
October 23
Dr. Yuzi Liu
Center for Nanoscale Materials
Argonne National Laboratory
Probing Materials transformation by A Reactor in Transmission Electron Microscope
Dominic Rebollar,
Haiping Xu
October 30
Prof. Robin Rogers
University of Alabama
What is an Appropriate Academic Business Model to Drive Commercialization of Sustainable Technology?
Prof. Chong Zheng
November 13
Dr. Richard D. Schaller
Center for Nanoscale Materials
Argonne National Laboratory
Light–matter interaction and electronic structures of quantum confined semiconductor materials
Jue Gong,
Prof. Tao Xu
November 20
Prof. Luyi Sun
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
University of Connecticut
Bio‐inspired Multifunctional Stimuli‐Responsive Materials
Jue Gong

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