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First Annual Undergraduate Research Day

April 29, 2010 from 9:00-2:00 in Altgeld Auditorium

Over 170 students presented their research projects at the First Annual Undergraduate Research Day on Thursday, April 29, 2010. The event showcased more that 100 research projects from 23 academic departments. Judges selected the top projects from both Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) and Social Science, Health, Humanities, Arts & Education (SSHA).

Award Winners

People's Choice Award:  Kate Krise & Lauren Kuta
Faculty Mentor of the Year Award:  Narayan Hosmane

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Highlighted below are the 15 posters presented by Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry students. Congratulations to all participating students and faculty mentors!

Kate Krise & Lauren Kuta

Alternative Synthesis of Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNTs)
Authors:  Kate Krise & Lauren Kuta
Faculty Mentor:  Narayan Hosmane

Hiren Patel

Syntheses of Gadolinium Incorporated Metallacarborane for the Purpose of Both Cancer Therapies: Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) and Gadolinium-NCT
Authors:  Hiren Patel, Amartya Chakrabarti, Kyoung-Ho Park, John Maguire & Narayan Hosmane
Faculty Mentor:  Narayan Hosmane

Jeffrey Johnson

The Role of Oxygen in Nuclear Cataract Formation
Authors:  Jeffrey Johnson
Faculty Mentor:  Elizabeth Gaillard

Jacqueline Do & Robert Rickard

Synthesis of Semi-Conducting Material, Cadium Selenide, in Aqueous Solution
Authors:  Jacqueline Do, Robert Rickard, Kyoung-Ho Park, Jun Lu & Narayan Hosmane
Faculty Mentor:  Narayan Hosmane & Kyoung-Ho Park

Amy Dalby

Design and Synthesis of Riccardin C Analogs
Authors:  Amy Dalby, Keith Hermann, Eddie Bower & Dmitry Kadnikov
Faculty Mentor:  Dmitry Kadnikov

Allen Kou

Synthesis of Riccardin C Analogs
Authors:  Allen Kou
Faculty Mentor:  Dmitry Kadnikov

Ami Patel

Syntheses and Biological Evaluation of Carborane-Thio Sugar Conjugates for Potential BNCT Applications
Authors:  Ami Patel, Rashmirekha Satapathy, Barada Dash, John Maguire & Narayan Hosmane
Faculty Mentor:  Narayan Hosmane

Philip Pagano

Purification, Fragmentation, and Characterization of Stereoselective Antibodies
Authors:  Philip Pagano
Faculty Mentor:  Oliver Hofstetter

Kenneth Boblak

Research in Organic Chemistry: From Experimental Design and Experimentation, to the Write-up and Publication of Results
Authors:  Kenneth Boblak, Matthew O'Connor, Michael Topinka, Patrick Kindelin, Jason Briski, Chong Zheng & Douglas Klumpp
Faculty Mentor:  Douglas Klumpp

Lan-Yin Caroline Liu

Nanocoatings to Enhance Adhesion and Surface Planatization of Metal Film Deposited on Plastic Substrates
Authors:  Lan-Yin Caroline Liu & Tun-Jen Hsiao
Faculty Mentor:  Chhiu-Tsu Lin

Brian Hartnett

A Synthetic Biology Approach to Designing Metal Dependant Protein Interactions
Authors:  Brian Hartnett & Sean Fanning
Faculty Mentor:  James Horn

Connie Chen

Evaluation of Standards for Quantitative 1H NMR Analysis
Authors:  Connie Chen & Heike Hofstetter
Faculty Mentor:  Heike Hofstetter

Nikola Sudzum

Undergrad Research in Organic Chemistry
Authors:  Nikola Sudzum
Faculty Mentor:  Douglas Klumpp

Adam Ewig

Periodic Trends in the Bond Strengths of Pn-X-(Pn=P, As, and Sb; X = F, Cl, Br, and I) in Hypervalent Systems: PnX4-
Authors:  Adam Ewig
Faculty Mentor:  Lee Sunderlin

Jennifer Skrabutenas & Laura Paulson

Synthesis of Boron Nanorods
Authors:  Jennifer Skrabutenas & Laura Paulson
Faculty Mentor:  Narayan Hosmane, John Maguire & Amartya Chakrabarti

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