Chem Club 2013-2014 Events

2014 Awards Banquet

2014 Awards Banquet 2014 Awards Banquet The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry hosted its annual awards banquet at River Heights Golf Course in DeKalb. The banquet brought together faculty, staff, students, and their friends and family as the department recognized students who have received departmental scholarships and academic achievement throughout the year.

Congratulations to all of our award recipients and graduates!

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Spring 2014 Chemistry Demonstration Night

St. Patrick's Day fun continues for NIU Chemistry Club

Spring 2014 Chem Demo Spring 2014 Chem Demo The Chemistry Club observed St. Patrick's Day a little late this year, but they celebrated the holiday as only the Chem Club could do – with fire, colorful reactions, and creative effects.

The night featured experiments like gold pennies, dragon's breath, solid water, and elephant toothpaste. The evening ending with a chem club staple – liquid nitrogen ice cream.

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Chem Club Thanksgiving Potluck

On Monday, November 25th, the Chem Club hosted its first Thanksgiving Potluck for the department. Faculty members, staff, and chem club members alike were invited to bring a dish to the potluck to celebrate the Thanksgiving season.

2014 Chem Club Potluck 2014 Chem Club Potluck 2014 Chem Club Potluck 2014 Chem Club Potluck 2014 Chem Club Potluck 2014 Chem Club Potluck

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Fall 2013 Chemistry Demonstration Night

Chemistry Club prepares show of spooky demos that go 'boo' - and 'boom' - tonight in Faraday

Fall 2013 Chem Demo Fall 2013 Chem DemoThe Chemistry Club held their Fall Chem Demo night on Friday, October 25th. This semester's theme was "When Chemistry Gets Spooky" and all of the experiments focused on Halloween.

Featured experiments included homemade glow sticks, exploding candy, festive flames, and creeping fog. As always, the chem club finished off the night with a audience favorite – liquid nitrogen ice cream.

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STEMfest 2013

STEMfest amazes, intrigues learners of all ages

The NIU Chemistry Club, along with various other campus organizations, provided free and fun-filled activities that exposed students to science, technology, engineering, and math careers. The fest included more than 200 hands-on experiments and attracted nearly 5,000 attendees.

2013 STEMFest 2013 STEMFest 2013 STEMFest

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Welcome Back Picnic

The Chem Club along with the Department held its annual Welcome Back picnic on Friday, September 6, 2013. The picnic was catered by Lukelo's in DeKalb. We had a beautiful day for a great start to the new year.

picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic

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