Chem Club 2012-2013 Events


URAD-STEMChem Club OURAThe Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry hosted its annual awards banquet at the River Heights Golf Course in DeKalb. The evening recognized students who have received departmental scholarships and awards throughout the year.

Congratulations to all award recipients and graduates!

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On Saturday, April 27, the Chem Club and departmental faculty, staff, and graduate students faced off in a friendly game of dodgeball.

dodgeball  dodgeball  dodgeball  dodgeball  dodgeball  dodgeball  dodgeball  dodgeball  dodgeball  dodgeball  dodgeball  dodgeball

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NIU Chemistry Club expects strong reactions April 5 during night of explosive demonstrations

FireCircleThe NIU Chem Club hosted their Spring Chemistry Demo Night on Friday, April 5. This semester, the club pulled out all the stops for an exciting evening featuring fire, explosions, and colorful reactions.

Featured experiments included colored flames, liquid lights, a potato cannon, glowing tubes, electrifying patterns, creeping fog, and a table top volcano. As usual, the Chem Club made a batch of their famous Liquid Nitrogen ice cream and handed out a take-home science gift.

More event photos!

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NIU Chem Club Students Invite Public to Night of Science Demonstrations with Take Home Ideas


On Wednesday, October 24, the Chem Club hosted its Fall Chemistry Demo night. This semester's theme focused on Kitchen Chemistry. The night was full of experiments that can be performed at home with everyday ingredients.

Featured experiments included indestructible baloons, bubbling lava lamps, instant clouds, GAK, gushing foam, ammonia ghosts, and the cheap man's sippy cup. The evening concluded with the traditional Liquid Nitrogen ice cream, and included a take-home science project.

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Third Annual STEMFest Planned for October 22
STEMFest Wows More than 5,100 Visitors

At STEMFest 2012, the NIU Chem Club along with numerous other campus organizations brought science to the masses. In total, more than 5,100 visitors came to the Convocation Center to see what the third annual STEMFest had in store.

stem fest  stem fest  stem fest  stem fest  stem fest  stem fest  stem fest  stem fest  stem fest

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Welcome back! The Chem Club Fall Picnic was held on Thursday, September 20, 2012. It was a beautiful day to kick off the new school year.

picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic  picnic  chem club  faculty  group

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