Chem Club 2009-2010 Events


Katherine Baker (left), Graduating Senior, with FamilyChemistry Club 2010 Awards Banquet (photos)

On Thursday, April 29, the NIU Chem Club hosted an awards banquet, recognizing students who have received departmental scholarships and awards throughout the year.

Congratulations to all award recipients and upcoming graduates!

CHEM BLAST '10: A St. Patrick's Chem Demo Night

NIU Chemistry Club turns copper into gold

On Tuesday, March 16, Professor David Ballantine and the NIU Chem Club performed a St. Patrick's Chem Demo Night for a fun and enthusiastic audience. Feature demonstrations focused on Irish traditions and folklore. Favorites included the disappearing leprechauns and turning copper pennies into gold coins.

Gold Coin DemodemoThe Chem Club partnered with the DeKalb County Youth Service Bureau, a non-for-profit agency dedicated to improving the lives of DeKalb County youth. The proceeds from the raffle drawing and donations received from the event will go toward programming for youth throughout DeKalb County.


Glassblower Jason GordonGlassblowing demo and sale returns

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, the Faraday West auditorium was nearly-full of faculty, staff, students, and community members, as chemistry department glassblower Jason Gordon made his demonstration debut and crafted a beautiful wine goblet. The goblet completed a set which was later raffled off to the audience.

A glass sale was held after the demonstration, where items made by Gordon were available for purchase. The proceeds, which totaled over $2100, will help support various activities held by the NIU Chem Club. Congrats to Jason Gordon and the NIU Chem Club. And, thanks to NIU and the community for such tremendous support.

2009 CHEM DEMOS: Chemistry - It's Elemental!

Celebrate the elements with NIU Chemistry during National Chemistry Week

On Wednesday, October 21, the Chem Club celebrated National Chemistry Week by hosting an evening of demonstrations for the community in Faraday Hall. Since the theme of this year's National Chemistry Week was "Chemistry - It's Elemental!", the Chem Club selected demos that involved reactions of elements.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice CreamdemoSome of the more dramatic elemental reactions involved the thermite reaction - the reaction of white phosphorus with air, potassium with water, and the combustion of magnesium with carbon dioxide.

The evening concluded with the always crowd-pleasing demo - the making of liquid nitrogen ice cream.


Phi Sigma Biology Honors Society, the Pre Professional Association and the Chemistry Club organized a blood drive

Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Location:  Holmes Student Center Capital Room


The Chem Club Fall Picnic was held on Friday, October 2. Although it wasn't quite picnic weather, we were able to kick-off the 2009-2010 year inside!

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