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Chemistry Help Room — Faraday Hall 247

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers free tutoring services in Intro/General Chemistry. Teaching Assistants are available in the Chemistry Help Room during the scheduled office hours listed below. Students may also want to contact ACCESS for additional assistance.

Spring 2015 - Intro/General Chemistry Laboratory

8:00am Henry Vuong Hyeyoung Eom Travis Helgren Michael Stentzel Bridget Durfey
9:00am Henry Vuong Hyeyoung Eom Michael Thompson Michael Stentzel Jue Gong
10:00am   Ted Litberg Hanna Dunlap Dominic Rebollar Jue Gong
11:00am Michael Thompson Ted Litberg Hanna Dunlap Beau Wangtrakuldee  
12:00pm Tirtha (Raj) Sibakoti   Sean Mc Ilrath Beau Wangtrakuldee  
1:00pm Tirtha (Raj) Sibakoti   Sean Mc Ilrath Eyrusalam Bedasso  
2:00pm Dominic Rebollar Sean Kennedy Congling Chen Elif Seven  
3:00pm  Michael Thompson Sean Kennedy Congling Chen Elif Seven  
4:00pm       Gashaw Goshu  

Updated 1/29/15