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Faculty Directory

Below is an alphabetical listing of tenured and tenure‐track faculty.
See Adjunct/Visiting Faculty and Emeritus Faculty for additional profiles.

Gary M. Baker Gary M. Baker, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Co‐coordinator of Graduate Career and
Professional Development

La Tourette Hall 426
(815) 753‐6875
Douglas A. Klumpp Douglas A. Klumpp, Ph.D.
Presidential Research, Scholarship
and Artistry Professor

Faraday Hall 356
(815) 753‐1959
David S. Ballantine David S. Ballantine, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, CLAS
La Tourette Hall 424
(815) 753‐6857
Irina Nesterova Irina Nesterova, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
La Tourette Hall 433
(815) 753‐6853
Elizabeth R. Gaillard Elizabeth R. Gaillard, Ph.D.
Presidential Research Professor
Joint Appointment in Biological Sciences

La Tourette Hall 322
(815) 753‐6908
Victor V. Ryzhov Victor Ryzhov, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

La Tourette Hall 425
(815) 753‐6955
Thomas M. Gilbert Thomas M. Gilbert, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
La Tourette Hall 309
(815) 753‐6896
Lee S. Sunderlin Lee S. Sunderlin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies

La Tourette Hall 327
(815) 753‐6870
Timothy J. Hagen Timothy J. Hagen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Faraday Hall 350
(815) 753‐1463
Ralph A. Wheeler Ralph A. Wheeler, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Faraday Hall 320
(815) 753‐1181
Oliver Hofstetter Oliver Hofstetter, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
La Tourette Hall 428
(815) 753‐6898
Tao Xu Tao Xu, Ph.D.
La Tourette Hall 412
(815) 753‐6357
James R. Horn James R. Horn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
La Tourette Hall 432
(815) 753‐8654
Chong Zheng Chong Zheng, Ph.D.
La Tourette Hall 326
(815) 753‐6871
Narayan S. Hosmane Narayan S. Hosmane, Ph.D.
Distinguished Research Professor and
Board of Trustees Professor

Faraday Hall 305
(815) 753‐3556

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