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quote“Receiving credits by taking and passing the STAMP test meant a lot to me.  I now have the opportunity to take more electives in the areas I’m considering for my major – English and Psychology.  The way I see it, if I’ve mastered a subject, I want the opportunity to take classes in subjects that I don’t know much about to enrich my overall knowledge.  I think NIU did a cool thing by allowing students to assert their skills and get ahead in their studies.”

-Yessica Puga
Sophomore from Aurora, IL

quote“Being bilingual not only helps us understand cultural differences, but also helps us appreciate our own uniqueness.  I was born in Japan and lived there until junior high school, but I’ve lived in English-speaking countries since then.  Learning to speak English helped me develop better study habits, and I’m thinking of declaring a minor in Japanese, which looks good on a resume.”

-Wataru Hashimoto
Sophomore from Elgin, IL