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How it Works

As an undergraduate student, simply contact the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at (815) 753-1501 or by email at askfl@niu.edu and say that you want to take the STAMP test in the language of your choice.  Testing times will be published on this website.

The STAMP tests are regularly administered in the Foreign Language Learning Center, Watson Hall 101.  The tests are conducted online, and typically take between one and two hours to complete.  There is no charge for taking the test one time.  To take a sample test, visit www.avantassessment.com/stamp4s.

These test are rigorous and assess all four aspects of language proficiency:  reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Test instructions are in English.  Approximately 50 students participated in a pilot program during the 2014 fall semester; just under half scored at a sufficient level to qualify for 12 credits.  Credits will be awarded at the end of a successfully-completed semester.