Engineering Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (EURA)

The Engineering Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (EURA) program is introduced to attract undergraduate students towards engineering research. Specifically, EURA provides engineering and technology students an opportunity to closely work with CEET faculty on exciting research projects so as to expand their domain of knowledge and skills. Students are encouraged to effectively utilize EURA in an attempt to synthesize an early roadmap towards their graduate research through the CEET's integrated B.S.-M.S. degree program. Below please find some listed projects along with their associated faculty contact information. Further information on EURA can be obtained by contacting the department faculty adviser, or chair, or the associate dean's office.

DepartmentFaculty InformationProject title
Electrical Engineering Dr. Donald S. Zinger
1. High Frequency LED Lighting Efficiency Measurement
2. Indirect Tool Wear Measurement
Electrical Engineering Dr. Vincent McGinn
Electrical Engineering Dr. Reza Hashemian
Hardware and Software Design and Implementation using FPGA Boards
Mechanical Engineering Dr. B.D. Coller
1. Dynamics of the free throw
2. Dynamics of traffic jams