Nicholas A. Pohlman

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Tel: 815-753-9913


Research Interests

  • Granular Flows – Fundamental principles of granular materials such as boundary flow effects, energy loss in transportation devices, transient dynamics from unsteady forcing.
  • Energy Optimization – Evaluating and designing mechanical systems and operational methods for optimal consumption and generation of total energy.
  • Biomass Energy – Material handling and utilization for local energy conversion
  • Estimation and Control – Create experimental systems with appropriate sensors for robust evaluation of state in order to conduct responsive, real-time control.
  • Multi-phase Fluid Dynamics – Determining the changes in flow velocity profiles as related to phase concentration and mixing/separation of phases due to flow field.

Work Experience

Professional Associations

Selected Publications

  1. Pohlman, N. A., Roberts, J. A., Gonser, M. J., “Characterization of Titanium Powder: Microscopic views and Macroscopic flow,” Powder Technology, Vol. 228, 2012, pp. 141-148.
  2. Pohlman, N. A., Ghrayeb, O., Vohra, P., “Developing a disciplinary honours programme within an engineering college,” Global Journal of Engineering Education, Vol. 14, 2012, pp. 20-26.
  3. Pohlman, N. A., Ottino, J. M., and Lueptow, R. M., “Unsteady Granular Flows in a Rotating Tumbler,” Physical Review E, Vol. 80, September 2009, pp. 031302.
  4. Blazey, G., Chakraborty, D., Dyshkant, A., Francis, K., Hedin, D., Hill, J., Lima, G., Powell, J., Salcido, P., Zutshi, V., Demarteau, M., Rubinov, P., Pohlman, N., “Directly Coupled Tiles as Elements of a Scintillator Calorimeter with MPPC Readout,” Nuclear Instruments and Methods A, Vol. 605, 2009, pp. 277-281.
  5. Pohlman, N. A., Ottino, J. M., and Lueptow, R. M., “End Wall Effects in Granular Tumblers: From Quasi-2D Flow to Three-Dimensional Flow,” Physical Review E, Vol. 74, September 2006, pp. 031305.
  6. Pohlman, N. A., Meier, S. W., Lueptow, R. M., and Ottino, J. M., “Surface Velocity in Three Dimensional Granular Tumblers,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 560, July 2006, pp. 355-368.
  7. Pohlman, N. A., Severson, B. L., Ottino, J. M., and Lueptow, R. M., “Surface Roughness Effects in Granular Matter: Influence on Angle of Repose and the Absence of Segregation,” Physical Review E, Vol. 73, March 2006, pp. 031304.

Funded grants

  1. Engineering support of high energy physics experiments mu2e and g-2, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.
  2. A continuous-operation variable-feedstock biomass gasifier design based on indigenous materials, Environmental Protection Agency – P3 Award: A National Student Design Competition.
  3. Transport and processing of biomass stock materials, Sustainable Agriculture Grant Program (IL Dept. of Ag).
  4. On-farm conversion of biomass to syngas, electric power or fertilizer, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA).
  5. Modeling and evaluation of beamline components,” Advanced Photon SourceArgonne National Laboratory