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Admission Requirements for the B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at RVC


Basic requirements

  1. Meet NIU university admission requirements.

  2. Hold an A.S. or A.E.S. degree

    Have a different associate’s degree or equivalent hours? Contact David Schneider at RVC (815-921-4278, to find out what steps you need to take to qualify.

  3. Complete the following courses with a grade of C or higher before you enroll in your junior year NIU courses.

Prerequisite Courses

RVC course number and name NIU course number
EGR 101 - Introduction to Engineering UEET 101
EGR 135 - Engineering Graphics MEE 270
EGR 206 - Statics MEE 210
EGR 207 - Dynamics  MEE 211
EGR 221 - Elementary Mechanics of Deformable Bodies MEE 212
EGR 231 - Engineering Circuit Analysis ELE 210 and 210U
CHM 120 - Chemistry I CHEM 210 + 212
PHY 225 - Physics II PHYS 273
MTH 235 - Calculus II  MATH 230
MTH 236 - Calculus III  MATH 232
MTH 240 - Differential Equations  MATH 336
CIS 276 - C/C++  CSCI 240

View the junior and senior year course chart to see which prerequisites and corequisites are necessary for each course you will take at NIU.

4. Apply to NIU

Do you still have some prerequisites to complete and have questions?

Contact David Schneider
RVC Manager of Recruitment
(815) 921-4278

Have you already completed the prerequisites and have questions?

Contact Matt Gonser
NIU Project Manager
(815) 921-1621

If you are a prospective or current RVC student, contact 
David Schneider 

If you are currently at another community college or seeking information on how to earn the bachelor’s degree, contact 
Matt Gonser
NIU Project Manager
NIU @ RVC Initiative

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