NIU WYSE Sectional Roster Change

The school information, coach information, team/individual participants names and exams taken at the regional competition will be rolled over into the sectional database.  If a school will not be changing any participants or exam choices there is little to be done.  HOWEVER, even if a school will not be changing any information the coach should still login and verify all information is correct. 

Access to the sectional registration site will be available as soon as the State Office rolls over the information from regionals.  Sometime this takes a few days, please be patient.  Login information will be emailed to the coach as soon as access is available.  The email used will be the email provided at regionals.

Log in and check rosters here: https://wyse.engr.illinois.edu/wyse2016/coach/



roster change

Choose Edit Roster

edit roster

For Teams: The team roster entered for the regional competition will be displayed.  Change members and exams as needed.  Use tab (or your mouse) to navigate through this page, if you hit enter it will update the roster and return you to the previous page.  Don't worry, it saved your changes, just click Edit Roster again and continue entering data.

When finished choose Update Roster or press enter.  Remember: Teams are composed of 6 to 14 students who are registered full-time students at the school.  To be eligible for team awards, a school must have at least two test scores in five subject areas.  Three subject areas are mandatory: English, math and chemistry.  The remaining two subject areas can be selected from: biology, computer science, engineering graphics and physics.  Schools can elect to compete in only five, six or seven areas – your choice.

update roster
For individuals:

Roster information should already be entered for you.  Double check for accuracy.  Individuals do not have to take two tests.  If a student takes only one test they can leave after the first test session is over.  However, students can take a second test even if they did not qualify in that subject, and they will still be eligible to receive an award.

update roster

View Results:  This is for after the competition.  You can log back in and see how your students performed.

view results

Logout when finished - you are done!