Advanced Research of Materials and Manufacturing Laboratory

The Advanced Research of Material and Manufacturing Laboratory is part of the New, Emerging, & Advanced Technologies (NEAT) Manufacturing Solutions Center at Northern Illinois University's College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. 

The lab is home to any and all student organizations, projects, and research involving 3D printing or additive manufacturing.

NIU CEET is a supporting member of America Makes, allowing their members to use our facilities.



OPTOMEC Lens 850M with a 3 kW fiber laser. This DED metal system has a build volume of ~1 cubic ft

3D Printing

Sinterstation 2500 Plus

Sinterstation 2500 Plus – SLS – Nylon based materials – build area: 10”×10”×12”


 Extraction Area

Prototype Systems for EMHM

Prototype System for EMHM

Window View

Additional 3D Printers

  • Z Printer 450 – Z-Corporation – composite based materials – build area: 8”×10”×8”

  • ProJet™ HD 3000 3-D Production – polymeric based materials – build area: 11.75” x 7.3” x 8”
  • Stratasys – Dimension FDM – ABS based materials – build area: 7”×7”×7”