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1.  Jeff Camplin: B.S. in Industry and Technology, Safety Emphasis 1984

I am a 1984 graduate of Northern with a BS in Industry and Technology, Safety Emphasis.  I am a pre-College of Engineering alumnus that has been “welcomed home” by the Dean and the College. I have been an active board member previously serving two years as the board President. As an ETAS Board Member I have attended most College/ETAS sponsored events.

During my last term on the ETAS Board we have worked to align ourselves with the College of Engineering and NIU Alumni outreach efforts. We also established the tradition of issuing Alumni Challenge Coins at a special ceremony for new graduates  In addition, both our scholarship fund and monetary awards to students has also increased. 

A lot has been accomplished by the ETAS Board and the College in the last three years. However, there are still many goals that need to be established and accomplished. I am proud to have participated on the ETAS Board and would be honored to serve a second term if re-elected.

2.  David Schramm: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering 2008

Dave graduated in 2008 from the NIU School of Engineering with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Since graduating he has focused his career in mechanical design and construction of HVAC and Piping systems. He has designed, managed, and built projects of a broad spectrum focusing in the education and healthcare markets. In his relatively short career he has become a well respected member of the Mechanical Design and Construction Industry. Currently he is employed as a Project Executive for F.E. Moran, Inc. and recently earned his Professional Engineering License.

As a member of the ETAS Board of Directors, Dave looks forward to providing a perspective from the young professional’s eyes. He hopes to offer a unique viewpoint that will help in making a distinct impact on the College of Engineering and Technology.

3.  David Galica: B.S. in Electrical Engineering 2001, M.S. in 2003

I am a NIU graduate that would like to be more involved in ETAS. I am the owner of Armour Technologies in DeKalb, IL, a company offering Electrical Design and IT Services. As I continue to build my company I am motivated to work with the community and organizations in the area. I see myself as an excellent resource and would like to be involved in ETAS. I currently run an IT company that does some electrical design contracting. I know I can give students direction and assist them in their goals. I also have an excellent perspective in current technology.I was graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and earned my Master’s Degree in that area in 2003.  I would like to offer my resources and knowledge to the students in the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology.

I currently serve on the Advisory Board for Electrical Engineering and have been an ETAS board member for one year. 

4.  Scott Gauf: B.S. in Industrial Technology, Occupational Safety 2008

I currently work at OSF Healthcare System which is a multi-hospital system in central and northern Illinois with one critical access hospital in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I have been working as the Regional Safety Officer for the central region at OSF for two years and have been in the safety department for over five; since I graduated from NIU in 2008. My responsibilities at OSF include governmental and accreditation compliance with various safety regulations (OSHA, EPA, etc.), as well as consultant oversight and safety program management. 

I want to be on the board again because we have made great strides in the right direction with regards to student/alumni involvement. We have changed some of the old ways things were done and I believe we will have a stronger more engaged alumni based on those decisions. I would like to continue to be involved because this next term is the realization of our plans and I want to see them through. Additionally, I would like to participate with the senior design project selection this year, as I was unable to attend last year.

I was an active member of the board and helped give a different perspective from the “young professional” point of view. I participated in the guided discussion we had in March and helped select the ETAS scholarships winners at the end of the year.

5.  Steve Scarbalis: B.S. in Engineering Technology

I would like to extend my enthusiasm to be part of the Engineering and Technology Alumni Society (ETAS) board.

I am a past engineering technology graduate and have enjoyed a rewarding career in the engineering area with a large pharmaceutical company (Abbott Laboratories). I have worked in the engineering technology area (20+ years) and for the past 15 years managed an engineering group with a focus on engineering application in respect to technical Installation, Operational and Performance Qualifications (IQ/OQ/PQ’s) and the need for detailed documentation. The position and engineering focus is an area that I feel would be an asset in providing real world job skills to future engineering graduates who want to work in regulated industries that require Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. I am currently at a point in my life where the knowledge and time are available to promote and be a part of creating a better future in technology.

Side information -

I have a Master’s degree in project management and with my brother–in–law - I am a season ticket holder for the Huskie football games.

“…… another Huskie……first down!......”