Tutoring Center

The College of Engineering & Engineering Technology provides free tutoring to all engineering and engineering technology students.
In particular, freshmen and new transfer students are highly encouraged to take advantage of the Tutoring Center to ease their transition to the university environment.  Seeking help early maximizes academic success.

Appointments can be made in advance or students may walk in at any time.

Tutoring is available for these courses:

  • MATH KCMA 098, 110, 155, 229, 230, 232, 336
  • PHYS 150A, 210, 211, 253, 273, 283
  • CHEM 110, 210
  • CSCI 240
  • Selected lower level engineering classes (MEE 210, MEE 211, MEE 212, ELE 210, ISYE 220, UEET 101)

Weekly Schedule:

       Engineering Building, Room #141

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Contact Us:

Mark Wolak, Master Tutor  at z1688051@students.niu.edu


For a complete listing of available times for each tutor, please see this chart:








General Tutors:
Salman Ahmed Sharief MATH, PHYSICS, MEE, CEET sections of MATH 229 & 230 11AM - 1PM 11AM - 1PM 12PM - 2PM 10AM - 12PM
Mauricio Coss MATH, PHYSICS, ELE 10AM - 11AM 10AM - 11AM
1PM - 5PM

10AM - 11AM
1PM - 3PM

10AM - 11AM
Syed Ibrahim MATH, PHYSICS, MEE 11AM - 2PM 3PM - 5PM 10AM - 1PM 11AM - 1PM
Mohammed Khan MATH, PHYSICS, MEE 12PM - 5PM 10AM - 12PM 10AM - 12PM 10AM - 11AM

10AM - 12PM
1PM - 4PM

10AM - 12PM
1PM - 4PM
TAs for specific courses who hold office hours in the EB Tutor Center:
Kinyo Adesemowo UEET 101 TA 12:30PM - 3PM 12PM - 2PM  
Salman Ahmed Sharief UEET 101 TA 10AM - 12PM 10AM - 12PM 
Kyle Corn  MEE 210 TA  11AM - 12PM 4PM - 5PM 10AM - 11AM 
T. Maxwell Thompson MEE 211 TA 12PM - 1PM 10AM - 11AM
Adnan Rasheed MEE 212 TA 11AM - 12PM 11AM - 12PM
Sanaz Fattahalhosseini ELE 210 TA 12:30PM - 1:30PM
Satish Sankaran ELE 210 TA    4PM - 5PM      
Nick LaVarra ISYE 220 TA 2PM - 3PM 2PM - 4PM
Mark Wolak, Master Tutor The EB Tutor Center tutors for the following courses ONLY: 
Master Tutor E-mail: z1688051@students.niu.edu All required math, chemistry, physics and computer science courses for CEET majors, and select lower-level (100- and 200-level) engineering courses. 
Tutoring Center
1-815-753-5521 The EB Tutor Center does not tutor upper-level (300- and 400-level) courses. For help in those upper-level courses, please contact your course TA or course instructor for assistance.