What is Technology

The Department of Technology is unique in the area of technical education. Our goal is to develop applied engineering and technical management skills in our students so that they excel in industry after graduation. This is accomplished with a mix of fundamental applied engineering knowledge, understanding of the applications and the tools needed in today’s industry, and an understanding of basic and advanced theory within the specific discipline.

As the name technology implies, our students learn the latest industry applications and equipment. Technology involves the application of science, mathematics, computers, and management skills to the solution of real world problems. In addition, our students are exposed to the latest in experiential learning. Most of the departmental students are enrolled in paid, for-credit, internships with regional and national companies in their areas of study.

B.S. Degree inTechnology at NIU

As the name technology implies, our students are involved in many different areas, and each is in demand by both regional and national industry. Technology education is centered on applications and engagement of our students in industrially based projects. The NIU Department of Technology strives to provide our students with state of the art laboratories and a curriculum that mirrors the needs of industry today. The department offers the following programs,

  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Management and Technology
  • Energy and Environmental Technology
  • Aviation Management Technology

The programs in Industrial Management and Technology and Aviation Management Technology can be taken as a “3+1” program where 3 years of the program may be taken at a near-by community college, and the remaining year is taken at NIU, either on or off-campus.

The Departmental faculty is involved in continual programmatic assessment and improvement which allows us to educate the next generation of Industrial Technologists and Engineering Technologists who excel in the work environment. Within the Departmental undergraduate programs, we offer a very broad range of courses which provide both a sound introduction and in-depth analysis in given topics. Each program places emphasis upon theoretical/application instruction and laboratory instruction, skills that are demanded by industry.

Working with Industry is another area that is at the forefront of the Departmental mission. The NIU Department of Technology prides itself on industrial interaction. Many of the Departmental course projects are conducted with industrial involvement. Students and faculty are involved with many projects sponsored through industry and government. The Departmental relationship with industry is the basis behind the concepts that are taught in our curriculums. Many technology students are involved with interdisciplinary external projects, from the design of the Basic-Utility-Vehicle to a hovering platform for a science museum. It is this involvement with the faculty and other students, and industry which sets our program apart!