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Working with Students At-Risk for School Failure

Understanding Students at Risk for School Failure

Description: Through this workshop, participants will learn about the factors contributing to students at risk for school failure which include the individual, family, community, and the school institute.  These factors are often compounded by health, neglect, abuse, and trauma. The outcome will be an enhanced ability of the participants to recognize problems and symptoms, gain perspective, and reduce their anxiety when working with these students.

Time required: 45-60 minutes

CPDUs:  1

Audience: Teachers, Staff, Administrators


Working with Students at Risk for School Failure

Description: Participants will learn how to engage at risk students with a variety of instruction strategies that include differentiation, multiple intelligences, various learning and cognitive styles, and meet cultural needs.  Participants will recognize the need to de-personalize problems, treat youth as if they are becoming the adult we want, and develop their self-efficacy and resiliency. At the end of the presentation, participants will have learned how to develop positive relationships with at-risk students, find their strengths, encourage their academic growth, and gain their cooperation in class.

Time required: 60-90 minutes

CPDUs:  1 – 1.5

Audience: Teachers, Staff, Administrators