Resources for Educators

Motivating Adolescents to Learn

Engaging Middle and Secondary School Students with Multiple Intelligences or Arts Activities

Description: Participants will take part in a number of activities including visualization exercises, collage-murals, skits, and learning through movement.  Activities will be accompanied by directions, suggested context, and purpose. This will help instructors acquire new learning strategies that engage students and deepen their learning while meeting the needs of visual, spatial, kinesthetic, and musical learners. Participants will increase their instruction strategies for working with students’ diverse learning profiles and will learn how to help students visualize and move to reading passages, history, math and science concepts.

Time required: TBD


Audience: Middle School and High School Teachers, Staff


Identity Work in Secondary School Classrooms

Description: Identity work focuses on the intersection between students' motivation for academic work and their personal and psychosocial development. Four essential teacher actions comprise classroom identity work. First, teachers must meet students’ needs to be self-determining individuals who feel autonomous, competent, and emotionally connected to others. Second, teachers must instruct learners to become self-regulated individuals who can set goals, initiate actions, monitor their progress and take corrective action, and who can envision and strive toward positive possible selves. Third, teachers must capitalize upon students' needs to interact with and be reinforced by their peers (i.e., social goals) as an avenue to academic achievement. Finally, teachers must establish motivating and engaging classroom environments where students are oriented toward effort, mastery, and deep interest in the content.

Time required: TBD


Audience: High School Teachers