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About the Collaborative on Early Adolescence (CEA)


Who is involved in the CEA?

The CEA is a multidisciplinary team comprised of internationally and nationally known NIU faculty and staff with interests and expertise in the development of early adolescents. Please visit our Members and Affiliates pages for a complete list of team members and affiliated professionals.


What does the CEA do?

The CEA develops partnerships with schools and community organizations that serve early adolescents. These partnerships serve as a basis for identifying and addressing the needs of early adolescents in your school or community.

What do YOU want to know about the early adolescents in your school or community?

The CEA can help you

• identify and address the unique issues that early adolescents in your school or community face.

• conduct research and write grants

• access the most up-to-date, research-based information about adolescents available

• design or evaluate programs that are needed by your school or community

• access resources and professional development opportunities for educators

We listen to our partners and work with them to address their needs!