Physical Activity and Life Skills (PALS) Group

young girl on slip and slideOur Mission

The Physical Activity and Life Skills (PALS) Group at Northern Illinois University is devoted to promoting healthy development and teaching life skills to children and youth through physical activity programs in school and community settings. We are committed to meeting the developmental needs of children and youth in a diverse multicultural society, with particular emphasis on those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and belonging to marginalized groups.

The PALS Group supports the social-emotional development, school success, and physical well-being of children and youth through the following activities:

1) providing direct service in nearby communities;

2) conducting relevant, high quality research;

3) delivering expert consulting and evaluation services to other programs;

4) training university students, scholars and practitioners to design, implement, and evaluate programs; and

5) informing policy, practice, and theory at the national and international level through engaged scholarship and targeted dissemination efforts.