Part-Time Student Aide Positions

  • You can print off the Student Worker job application in .pdf format.
  • Fill out and return your application to Campus Child Care with your class schedule and complete references list.
  • If you are unable to print the application, please stop by Campus Child Care and pick up an application.

The Student Aide Position

Student workers serve as an aide at Campus Child Care. Student aides help support the early childhood classroom as well as the professional staff with whom they work. The primary responsibility of a student worker is direct interaction and supervision of the children, ages 2 months through 5-years-old. Students also help support the curriculum plans of the professional staff as well as help to support the basic maintenance and routines of the classroom. The student worker is part of the teaching team which includes full-time Head Teachers in each classroom.

Benefits for Students Working at Campus Child Care

  • Year-round employment is possible but not required.
  • Exposed to a variety of age groups in a high quality early childhood program that is nationally accredited.
  • Supervised by educated and skilled teachers, many of whom have graduated from NIU and share the same philosophies and developmental knowledge.
  • Access to children and families for completing individual projects for assignments, based on permission from the families and the center.
  • Scheduled work time is flexible within your school schedule with no evenings and weekends.
  • Professional networking for early childhood and child development majors.
  • Orientation and ongoing training to assist in job knowledge and professional growth.

Application and Interview Selection Process

Students can access job applications from the center or from the web site. The best time to hand in an application is during the last 3-4 weeks of each semester for employment in the following semester. Interviewing and hiring is done prior to the start of each semester because staffing needs to be in place once school resumes. Students are selected for interviews based on the following priorities: Child Development or Early Childhood major, having work study funds, hours available to work, and experience with young children. Students tend to work 10-20 hours per week and the work schedule is created around the student's school schedule. Full 16 week availability is required.

Quotes from Student Aides

"Everyone here at Campus Child Care has embraced me with never ending warmth and smiles. This is an environment that is pleasant to work in. I enjoy coming in every day and learning and sharing new ideas with professional and student staff."

"Since I am majoring in Early Childhood Education, my job at CCC has helped me greatly. I have gotten experience in managing the classroom and being in charge. Also, I have gotten a lot of experience with challenging behaviors and have learned good techniques on how to deal with them."

"Working at CCC inspires me to do great things for children. I love the structure, organization, dedication of staff and overall environment."