Center Philosophy and Guidelines

At Campus Child Care, we think of curriculum planning not as a series of recipes for activities, but rather as emerging opportunities for a variety of experiences to be offered to the children to help them deepen their understanding of their world. Our curriculum is emergent, child-centered, and play-based. Teachers plan according to the different interests and abilities of the children in the classroom, and taking their cues will be the starting point of curriculum planning. Often ideas emerge through conversations and open-ended questions. Children’s questions are what enliven and give direction to the curriculum. There is no preplanned workbook or planning binder for our curriculum. It emerges from the children and teachers working together, with the teachers being able to actively listen to the children’s desires and then acting upon them. This approach also allows teachers to change and modify the curriculum easily in response to things that happen in the course of the day. An unexpected question can lead to an interesting discussion or an opportunity to have a parent share a special skill with the children. Our child-centered approach allows teachers to look carefully at children and create a flexible program that meets their needs.

Planning the curriculum in each classroom will be based on:

  • Knowledge of child development.
  • The understanding of developmentally appropriate practices and following the guidelines of developmentally appropriate practices.
  • Sensitivity to children’s personal experiences and interests.
  • Knowing that children learn through first-hand observation, play, and direct experience.