Blocks - NIU - Cascade Server

Creating & Editing Content


Blocks are used for Custom Navigation or for plugging in additional content into places like the Area Below Navigation

To Create a New Block

  1. Using the Menu Bar, click NEW  > DEFAULT >  BLOCK

  1. Click SUBMIT to keep the “XHTML/Data Definition Block” option (always use this)
  2. Enter a SYSTEM NAME, which is what you want your block called in the Folder Directory. The system name should be all lower-case and no spaces (for example, ‘main_nav’)
  3. Select a PARENT FOLDER (the folder which will hold your new content, i.e. the location of the folder you are creating) by clicking the folder icon (folder icon) and selecting a Parent Folder. Click CONFIRM to record your selection
  4. Using the WYSIWYG Text Editor, enter the necessary content into your block. For web programming code, use the HTML icon (html icon) and insert the code directly
  5. Click SUBMIT to save the block to Cascade Server

TIP!  Blocks are used for creating a Custom Navigation for your website, which is used for the red top navigation bar. To build a Custom Navigation, see Creating & Managing Page Navigation: Custom Navigation

To Edit an Existing Block

  1. In the Folder Directory, click on either the block’s name or the block icon (block icon) next to it
  2. Click the EDIT tab
  3. Change your content in the WYSIWYG Text Editor as necessary
  4. Click SUBMIT to save your changes