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Practice Interviews - NIU - Career Services

Practice Interview Week for Juniors
(a MUST for students seeking internships and jobs)

Registration for this event will begin on Aug. 25, 2014.

  • This week is designed exclusively for NIU juniors to improve their interviewing in a supportive and non-threatening environment.
  • Interviews will be held with actual representatives from companies and organizations partnered with NIU Career Services.

"Practice interview week is a fantastic chance for you to network and to get ahead in the career world."

Instructions: Register for Practice Interview Week for Juniors 

Helpful Hint
Open a new browser for Huskies Get Hired! Keep this page open to view instructions.

1. To Register, Log in to Huskies Get Hired! System

  1. NOTE: You must have a resume uploaded to the Huskies Get Hired! system in order to select an interview slot.
  2. View the Quick Start Guide for instructions on uploading your resume.

                                log in to Huskies Get Hired!

2. After you log-in, you will see the UPCOMING EVENTS section. Click on the INTERVIEW SCHEDULES link.

screen view from Huskies Get Hired! Interview Schedules

 3. Follow the links for the date and time of the interview slot you wish to register.


4. Scroll down to bottom and click "Apply"


5. Select your resume and click "Submit"


6. Select your "Interview time" and click "Save" 

Success!  You are confirmed to attend the event

IMPORTANT: By using Huskies Get Hired! to apply for ON-CAMPUS INTERVIEWS, I am agreeing to the following terms: