Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Resources

Here are some ways that Nutrition can help:

  • Healthy eating is a key ingredient for peak athletic performance.

  • Sound nutrition advice can prevent problems associated with a restrictive diet or the side effects of many diet pills or programs or the frustration of that new app.

  • Sorting out the nutrition misinformation from commercial TV, magazines, Web sites, or radio.

  • If you have health concerns because of risk factors for chronic disease sound nutrition habits and exercise are critical in helping with chronic health concerns. 

  • If you have a family history or current diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and related hypertension, certain cancers, adult onset diabetes, or osteoporosis.

Reliable Websites

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

USDA guidelines based on an accumulation of scientific studies:

National Eating Disorders Association:

Nutrition tips from National Athletic Trainers’ Association Magazine

Nutrition tips for NCAA athletes - search "nutrition" for latest information

Food and Drug Administration – a link to monitor over-the-counter supplements

Campus Dining Services: dining locations, menus, and nutrition information on foods served