The Pickle Principle

The pickle philosophy evolved from an incident at one of Bob Farrell's restaurants. A customer asked for extra pickles; and while there was no cost for extra pickles, the waitress let the customer know there would be a charge for the extra pickles. The customer contacted Bob Farrell, which led to his addressing the issue and letting his staff know to "Give 'Em the Pickle." Give 'Em The Pickle is all about going the extra mile for customer service. It's been put into practice at many businesses and now here at Campus Recreation. It may be about going the extra mile to make customers happy or putting your own personal stamp on customer service that sets you apart from your competition. Has our staff gone the extra mile for you? Have they given you the pickle? Let us know!

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Pickles of the Month

Vince Rich
Vince Rich - Intramural Sports

Vince was working out at the Rec and was asked to stay and work for an hour.  This resulted in him working to cover an entire four hour shift.


Top Program Pickles

Ben Mommer - Outdoor Adventures

For working so hard and giving excellent customer service during our busiest days, Fridays, with non-stop rentals.


Dee Sanderson - Competitive Sports

Dee Handles the Quidditch situation professionally and while staying engaged.


Devin Hill - Intramural Sports

Devin perfectly administered help to a critical injury, exactly like he was trained.

Jake Chilton- Open Recreaiton

*No matter what Jake is presented with, he always does it with a smile. Great example of service with a smile