The Pickle Principle

The pickle philosophy evolved from an incident at one of Bob Farrell's restaurants. A customer asked for extra pickles; and while there was no cost for extra pickles, the waitress let the customer know there would be a charge for the extra pickles. The customer contacted Bob Farrell, which led to his addressing the issue and letting his staff know to "Give 'Em the Pickle." Give 'Em The Pickle is all about going the extra mile for customer service. It's been put into practice at many businesses and now here at Campus Recreation. It may be about going the extra mile to make customers happy or putting your own personal stamp on customer service that sets you apart from your competition. Has our staff gone the extra mile for you? Have they given you the pickle? Let us know!

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2013 - 2014

Give 'Em the Pickle Award

Kelvin Wilson
Kelvin Wilson - Open Recreation

This semester, there is one staff member that's behaviors have stood out among the rest. On a regular basis, this staff member puts extra effort in ensuring that patrons are taken care of. One of the greatest examples of customer service was relayed to me by this person's fellow coworker. It was one of those achingly cold nights in the middle of the Polar Vortex this past winter. It was snowing, icy, and bitterly cold. While this person was working the register position, they saw two of our regular elderly patrons begin to bundle of for the cold trudge to their cars. Knowing how slick it was outside, this person took it upon himself to both shovel and salt a pathway from the SRC front door to the patron's car. In addition, the staff member then escorted the couple safely to their car. While this example exudes the willingness and commitment to our patrons, this staff member performs smaller acts of service on a daily basis - from walking patrons to different areas of the building, offering to give tours when facility supervisors are busy, and finding answers to questions when a patron has inevitably stumbled into the rec rather than the building they were actually looking for, this staff member is the prime example of what we mean by "Give 'em the Pickle."


Top Program Pickles

Ben Mommer - Outdoor Adventures

For working so hard and giving excellent customer service during our busiest days, Fridays, with non-stop rentals.


Dee Sanderson - Competitive Sports

Dee Handles the Quidditch situation professionally and while staying engaged.


Devin Hill - Intramural Sports

Devin perfectly administered help to a critical injury, exactly like he was trained.

Jake Chilton- Open Recreaiton

*No matter what Jake is presented with, he always does it with a smile. Great example of service with a smile