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Changes in Fees and Hours

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Thank you for giving us feedback about the changes in fees and hours at Campus Recreation. We want you to know that your opinions matter to us! We are collecting your feedback to share with administration.

We understand the importance of providing as many drop-in recreation hours as possible and the need to keep program fees low, so that all students have equal access to Campus Recreation programs and services. We didn’t want to reduce hours or increase program fees.

There are several factors that have influenced the decision to reduce hours and increase program fees as follows:

  • Campus Recreation did not receive any additional funds to operate the Outdoor Recreation Sports Complex, which opened this fall.
  • Increased state and university mandates require additional student staff training, which increases personnel costs.
  • Equipment and commodities costs continue to rise.
  • Campus Recreation did not receive increased funding to help support these increased costs.

We have heard complaints regarding hours and costs for operating Gilbert and New Hall Fitness Rooms. We want you to know that costs to open and run those facilities are paid by on-campus residents only, which is why only residential students are eligible to access these fitness rooms. These facilities have not affected the changes in fees and hours.

Student fees are essential to the operation of Campus Recreation programs and facilities. NIU students pay $0.75 per credit hour, up to $8.95 for full-time students, for recreation activity fees. However, this fee is not enough to provide the programs and services that students want.

Please provide your feedback below. Your opinion matters.

Sandi Carlisle

Director of Campus Recreation

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