Student Life

Frequently Asked Questions

NIU has long been recognized as being among the safest campuses among the state’s large public universities, and it is committed to providing a proactive and progressive campus safety program.  This Q&A will answer many of the questions you may have about safety at NIU and how the university is working with students, residents and community leaders to continue to provide a safe learning environment.

1. How does Northern Illinois compare with similar state universities when it comes to campus safety?

2. How does the safe setting of the City of DeKalb compare with other college towns?

3. How does NIU maintain a safe and secure, holistic learning environment?

4. What are NIU and local law enforcement partners doing to maintain a safe, secure environment?

5. Are weapons allowed on campus?

6. How often is the campus patrolled?

7. How does NIU raise awareness about personal safety?

8. What steps can students take to prevent becoming a victim?

9. How does NIU contact students if there is a campus-wide emergency?

10. What are the important safety-related phone numbers?

11. How does NIU report crime?