Student Life


Parking & Transportation


  • Students may bring their cars to campus.
  • Parking permits are required on campus and can be purchased online.
  • There are five different permits types for students: yellow for commuters, orange and green (remote) for students living in university-owned housing; brown for students not living in university-owned housing, and a permit for students who need special parking accommodations due to temporary medical reasons.
  • Parking facilities are limited and controlled.
  • Parking lots are color-coded, and all vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds, must display an appropriate permit.
  • Special parking privileges are extended to handicapped persons and to individuals who are temporarily disabled.


Huskie Bus Line

  • NIU maintains the largest student-run university bus system in Illinois.
  • The 13-bus system, governed by the Student Association Mass Transit Board, provides free transportation for all fee-paying students to campus and the DeKalb community.
  • The Huskie buses are in operation seven days a week while school is in session during the fall and spring semesters, during winter and spring break, and for limited hours during summer school.
  • All Huskie buses are equipped with chair lifts to provide all students easy access to and from campus, shopping, and entertainment areas.

Late Night Ride Service

  • In conjunction with the University Police, the Mass Transit Board runs Late Night Ride Service, which provides free safe passage home for students.
  • The service operates Friday and Saturday nights from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. and can be reached at (815) 753-2222.

Students with Disabilities

  • The NIU Student Association operates the FREEDOMMOBILE which provides transportation around the campus and vicinity for students with disabilities.
  • During winter months, class-to-class transportation is available for students with a qualifying disability.

Suburban Shuttle Service