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Pedestrian Walk Improvements

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Updated 9/4/13

All Campus Mend post and chain 6/3/13 7/26/13
Swen Parson Hall Walk on east side, finish to Williston area (tunnel under) 5/16/13 5/31/13
Normal Road Stamped concrete in strategic locations 6/24/13 7/15/13
Graham West entry sidewalk (Murphy dwg) 5/16/13 5/24/13
Stadium Dr South Add sidewalks along north side of road opposite Grounds and Dorland bldgs (Murphy dwg.) 6/6/13 6/11/13
Neptune West North side walk and steps 6/14/13 8/26/13
Adams/Williston Finish remaining walk (Murphy dwg) 5/13/13 6/21/13
West Campus Park Repair damaged paver areas 5/13/13 5/29/13
Founders Library East side, walk under overhead walkway 5/22/13 8/14/13
Altgeld/McMurry/Still Quad Sidewalk various 7/26/13 8/8/13
Childcare/Graham  Walk between buildings(Murphy dwg) 5/28/13 6/14/13
Founders Library North side  r/r steps to MLK 6/3/13 9/6/13
HSC Inlet at cut out, east side in street not taking water 5/1/13 5/3/13
West Campus Curb replacement on West campus 7/15/13 8/8/13
HSC Bike Parking Lot like Grant Towers C  (Murphy dwg.) 6/17/13 6/21/13