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Landscape Improvements

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Updated 9/4/13

New Walks, Stairs, etc. Backfill and Seed 5/3/13 8/9/13
Campus Wide Grounds/Trades to straighten garbage cans, lights 4/10/13 6/15/13
Campus Wide Every wood bench on campus stripped of the wood and replaced with a "no-maintenance" composite 5/15/13 7/1/13
Campus Wide Replace Old Site Furnishings 5/1/13 9/30/13
Campus Wide Bring to Grade Settled Areas  5/3/13 8/30/13
Lincoln  South Side "cow path" 5/3/13 5/16/13
TV Center Remove un-necessary dishes, concrete pads, fencing 7/22/13 9/13/13
All Campus The Steam Tunnel "Dog Houses" to be cleaned up 6/17/13 9/30/13
Dorland Replace the chain link fencing at Transportation 7/10/13 7/24/13
Stadium Drive West Remove all low hanging (6' and lower) on all pines on Stadium Drive West.  Replace soils and sod as needed. 4/15/13 4/16/13
Satellite Campuses Misc. Landscaping 6/3/13 6/28/13
Campus Wide Misc. Landscaping 4/15/13 10/30/13
Statue Repairs Still Quadrangle 6/24/2013 6/28/2013