Campus Improvements


Bridge Repair & Building Tuckpointing

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Updated 9/4/13

Davis Remaining parapet walls to finish, 120' NW, 30' E side near south end 5/23/13 8/9/13
Williston  South main entry tuckpointing needed 6/11/13 7/12/13
Swen Tuckpointing needed(every year) 6/28/13 8/12/13
Still Hall Bellied Wall 7/15/13 7/19/13
Grant Towers S. & Grant Towers N. Concrete skim coat the retaining walls at the front entrances 4/15/13 6/14/13
Neptune Design work only for West bridge over creek & walks near bridge NA NA
Rec Center Decorative column repairs at entry 8/12/13 9/13/13
Faraday Finish caulking east and west sides along windows 5/13/13 5/31/13
HSC SW corner Patch retaining wall at the west end of HSC where the Flag Poles are attached. 9/15/13 9/30/13